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This gives me a glimmer of hope - I’ve been waiting for people to rise up against the war against the poor that the wealthy have been waging for most of my life now, and maybe this is the first sign that it’s happening. If it doesn’t happen in some form, we’re looking at a permanent underclass of people who will never own a home, never be able to stop working, never have hope for a better life. Unions are the way.

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Great read!!!!

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That’s all.

I love this fucking guy.

Eat the rich indeed.

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loved this interview! got me excited for the future of union organizing, but also reminded me that my industry (advertising) still does not have one and never has (to my knowledge)

i'm sure there are countless reasons for this, but would love to learn more and see what our options are? the threat of AI, forced RTO policies, and shit pay for insane amount of work affects us, too - and on a global scale

if anyone has any info/history/resources, please let me know

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I'm reminded of your essay On Punches at Defector. That one still hits.

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